Friday, January 8, 2016

Teaching Integer Rules with Google Sheets - Multiplication & Division

Math is the study of patterns, and there are few places that's clearer than multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers. The beauty of a tool like Google Sheets is that students now have a place to explore integer relationships and discover these patterns on their own.

In a previous post, I showed how Sheets can be used to help students explore the patterns produced by integer addition. By comparison, the rules for multiplication and divisions (same signs = positive, different signs = negative) are relatively straightforward.

In this Sheet, students input positive and negative factors into the multiplication rows first, then answer the questions using the dropdowns. These are color-coded to make the patterns easy to recognize.

The division sheet will be populated with the related multiplication sentence from the first sheet. Both sheets have an area for a written reflection on the patterns students uncover.

The directions for using this sheet are pretty much the same as for the addition activity, so I simply refer you to that post for directions. 

To make a copy for your Drive, click here.

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