Saturday, September 19, 2015

26 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Teacher Should Know

No one in education has enough time do everything they need to do. This includes chasing a mouse hundreds of times a day.

Teachers have to be efficient, and it's not efficient to highlight your text, click on the font size box, change the size from the dropdown menu, then have to keep adjusting it until it's the size you want. There's an easier way...

So in the interest of saving time and sanity, here are the 26 keyboard shortcuts I use pretty much every day, including the one to simplify that time-sucking process I just mentioned. They are entirely self-selected and grounded in the tools I use to run my digital life.

Pick a few that impact the tasks you do every day, and you may just start to find yourself with a few extra minutes left at the end of your conference period. And for a teacher, a few minutes is enough time to eat a sandwich, make 50 sets of collated copies, and take a restroom break. Now, doesn't that sound nice? You're welcome.

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