Sunday, September 27, 2015

Geek in the House: Two Minute Tech - Watchkin

This year I've been working one-on-one lesson planning, support and reflection with teachers in our 1:1 pilot. Our goal is to increase their capacity and get students creating and publishing using the devices.

However, I also have a secondary goal of  getting all teachers in our district more aware of what they can do with technology. We know that if the teacher isn't comfortable using tech, the research says it's highly unlikely to end up in the hands of students (which is, of course, our ultimate goal).

So I'm creating "Two Minute Tech" videos that teachers can view at their leisure. These screencasts focus on quick and easy "wins" for folks who could use some simple tools for their digital toolbox. 

This week, we'll take a look at Watchkin, the quick and easy way to clean up YouTube so you can use video safely with your students.

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