Thursday, July 27, 2017

5 SeeSaw Stations for Training Teachers

SeeSaw is my favorite elementary app ever (for these 12 reasons). But no matter how much I talk about it, describe it, and recite poetry devoted to it in my trainings (not really...but maybe someday), sometimes a hesitant teacher just needs to experience SeeSaw to get what it's all about.

To help spread the SeeSaw love, here are five training stations primary teachers can rotate through and use SeeSaw like a student. The first four stations are aligned to Texas state standards (TEKS) for K-2nd, and the last station focuses on classroom rules and routines. Enjoy!

Get the Station Directions
Make a copy with Google Docs or download a PDF

Station 1 - Kindergarten Math

Teachers use the photo feature to go on a 3-D shape scavenger hunt looking for cylinders, cones, spheres, and cubes. They then use the voiceover and drawing feature to identify the figure they found.

Station 2 - 1st Grade ELAR/Reading

After reading "Cinderella," teachers identify the beginning, middle, and end of the story using this graphic organizer. Once they've written their response, they'll take turns recording each other retelling the story using SeeSaw's video feature.

Station 3 - 2nd Grade Science

Participants will complete a card sort and put the steps of a chicken's life cycle in the correct order. Then using SeeSaw's drawing tool, they'll create their own representation of a chicken's life cycle, narrating what happens in each step. 

Station 4 - 1st Grade Math

Using Base 10 blocks (printable), teachers model a number between 1 and 120. Then they use the hundreds chart to find patterns of "10 more/10 less." Finally, they record an explanation of the patterns they found on the hundreds chart using SeeSaw's video tool.

Station 5 - Classroom Expectations

Teachers choose a classroom rule, then create a short commercial to explain and demonstrate it to the class. 


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