Thursday, August 3, 2017

PixiClip + Google Classroom = Demonstrating Student Thinking

As a former math teacher, I'm always interested in hearing students explain the thinking behind their answer. But since my classroom had exactly one of me and a bunch of them, individual face time wasn't always possible.

I wish I'd had PixiClip.

PixiClip is a free online whiteboard that lets students show their work, record their voice, and submit their recording in Google Classroom with just a link. It doesn't require an account, and it works great on Chromebooks (especially the touch screen variety).

Here's how to use PixiClip and Google Classroom to let students to explain their thinking.
  1. Create an assignment in Google Classroom with a link to PixiClip. Students open the assignment and follow the link.

  2. There are drawing tools on the left, including the ability to upload images.

  3. Select "Add Audio Message" and allow PixiClip to access the microphone. Click "Record" and start drawing and speaking.

  4. When finished, click "Publish & Share," name your PixiClip, then click "Save." PixiClip will automatically show a preview.

  5. Copy the link at the top of the PixiClip preview and return to the assignment in Google Classroom. Select "Add Link," paste the link to your PixiClip, and select "Add Link." Select "Turn In" twice.

After students turn in their work in Classroom, all you have to do is open the assignment and click on their links. It will open their recording in a new tab, so you can quickly watch their PixiClip, then use "Ctrl + W" to close the tab and return to Classroom.
When you can't get to every student, PixiClip is the next best thing to let them explain the thinking behind their answer.  

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