Monday, March 28, 2016

25 Resources for Chromebook Classrooms | #30DBB - Day 29

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I've gathered a few of my favorite resources here for those of us who use and love the handy little device known as the Chromebook. This lists covers a broad range of topics: from storage to apps to economic value, so you're bound to find something useful. Happy browsing!

  1. Quantifying the economic value of Chromebooks for schools Google for Education Blog
  2. Web Apps Suggestions Bridgeport Public Schools
  3. Tech Tub Premium (6 Chromebook Storage) Copernicus
  4. Best Practices for Integrating Chromebooks into Teaching and Learning eSchool News
  5. Chromebooks 101: A Guide to Chromebook Success Vicki Davis @ Intel Education
  6. Creativity in Chrome Literacy 2.0
  7. Explain Everything on Chromebooks Explain Everything
  8. GoGuardian - Chromebook Monitoring, Filtering and Recovery GoGuardian
  9. Chromebooks for Learning: The Missing Guidebook crowdsourced Google Doc
  10. Chromebooks on the Digital Learning Farm Kevin Zahner
  11. Anatomy of a successful Chromebook Rollout eSchool News
  12. Top Lessons from Early K-12 Chromebook Adopters EdTech Magazine
  13. 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Chromebook Owner Should Know OMG! Chrome!
  14. Editing Video on a Chromebook Classthink
  15. Google Apps and Chromebooks for Special Education and Special Needs Educational Technology Guy 
  16. Why Chromebooks Are Schooling iPads in Education PCWorld
  17. Why Chromebooks Should Rule the School EdSurge
  18. Six Reasons Educators Say They Are Choosing Chromebooks Over iPads, Netbooks and PCs Forbes Tech
  19. Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their iPads The Atlantic
  20. 6 Lesson Learned Rolling Out Chromebooks Texas [Ed]Tech
  21. 5 Chromebook Apps for Student Creation Shake Up Learning
  22. Top 27 Chromebook Apps for Students Chromebook Review
  23. Chromebooks in the Classroom Kathy Schrock
  24. Top 12 Google Chrome Extensions That Enhance Student Learning Beth Holland @ EdTechTeacher
  25. The Chrome App and Extension Database Shake Up Learning

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