Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quizlet Live - Quizlet's New Multiplayer Review Game | #30DBB - Day 23

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Quizlet, the classic flashcard study site, recently released a beta version of "Quizlet Live," a multiplayer, cooperative/competitive review game for your classroom.

Just log in to your Quizlet account and search for a Study Set you're interested in using (or create your own). Select the Study Set, then click on the purple "Live" button in the top right.

Click on "Create Game" and it will give your class a pin number to sign in with at quizlet.live. Because of the way Quizlet groups students in the game, it requires at least 6 to play (2 teams of 3).

Quizlet puts students into groups of 3, so they move to sit with their team before starting. Then the questions pop up, and students work with their team to find who has the correct answer. Everyone on the team has 4 different answers on their screen, but only one of them is correct. It's the team component that makes Quizlet Live just a little bit different than classroom standards like Kahoot!.

If you'd like to try a demo version where you can see multiple screens by yourself, you can try the Quizlet Live Demo to get an idea of how it works.

I can see this game becoming part of a rotation of review games like Kahoot!, Socrative's Space Race, Quizziz and Quizalize. It's one more good digital tool to keep handy in your teacher toolbox.



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