Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Top 10 #Edtech Videos on Our YouTube Channel | #30DBB - Day 9

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As a resource for teachers, my blended learning partner and I set up a YouTube channel at the beginning of the year. As we approach 7,000 views, I thought it would be useful to gather the top 10 most-watched videos together in one place.

Geek in the House: Two Minute Tech - GoNoodle
A 2:30 overview on how to sign up for GoNoodle, the free site with with "brain break" and movement activities for your classroom.

Piktochart - Publish and Turn In Through Google Classroom
How to use Piktochart, a free infographic creator, to publish and submit using Google Classroom.

Google Classroom - Change Theme and Profile Picture
How to customize your Classroom.

Google Classroom + Storyboard That
Using Storyboard That for creative projects and submitting work through Google Classroom.

Socrative - Quick Question and Exit Ticket
Use Socrative without creating a quiz by launching a Quick Question or Exit Ticket.

Google Classroom + Vocaroo
Using Vocaroo to make free audio recordings, then submitting the link through Google Classroom.

Geek in the House: Two Minute Tech - Watchkin
Using Watchkin to clean up YouTube videos for safe classroom viewing.

Google Classroom + Coggle
Create easy mindmaps with Coggle, and turn in using Classroom.

Autocrat Certificates - Creating a Conditional Merge
Autocrat, the Google Forms add-on, allows you to create a mail merge that will only run when a certain condition is met in the spreadsheet. Here's how.

Google Classroom + Movenote
Movenote lets you narrate and present on anything you have in your Drive. Students can create a presentation, then submit the link through Google Classroom.

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