Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Master Swivl's New Recap App In Under 8 Minutes | #30DBB - Day 17

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I'm really impressed by the new Recap app from the folks at Swivl (the little robot thing that lets your iPad track you while you teach). It just entered public beta today, and this free tool is going to be incredible for harnessing the power of video for student assessment.

It's simple:
  1. You set up a class and assign assessment questions
  2. Students log in and record their responses using video
  3. You view their responses
Recap has a nice, simple interface that makes sense and doesn't try to do too much. It works with any device that has a browser (Chromebooks, laptops) and on iPads with the Recap iOS app. To see how to use it, check out the Small Bytes playlist below with 8 super-short videos, then head on over to to get started.


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