Tuesday, March 15, 2016

46 Resources on How to Use Google Drawings in Your Classroom | #30DBB - Day 16

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Google Drawings is an intriguing and flexible tool, and now that it's been available for a bit (2,164 days), I wanted to see its use had evolved in the rest of the edtech world. So I donned my digital pith helmet and headed out on a idea-gathering mission, a cyber-safari into the deepest parts of the Internet with no concern for my own safety or well-being. (No need to thank me for my bravery, folks, I just do it for the love of knowledge.)

So after rustling up everything I could find, and weeding out folks that just straight copy stuff from other people's blogs without giving them credit (you know who you are...), here are 46 resources to get your wheels turning on how to use Google Drawings in your classroom.

Alice Keeler @ Teacher Tech
Create a Drawing Template
3 Google Resources for Student Centered Writing
Have Students Create Memes in Google Drawing
Using Google Draw for Virtual Manipulatives
Create a Badge with Google Drawing

Matt Miller @ Ditch That Textbook
10 Engaging Google Drawings Activities for Classes
15 FREE Google Drawings Graphic Organizers - and How to Make Your Own
Google Drawings Interactive Posters (no glue sticks necessary!)

Kasey Bell @ Shake Up Learning
Create a Google Classroom Custom Header with Google Drawings
Collaborative Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings
Halloween Magnetic Poetry
Google Drawings CHEAT SHEET for Teachers and Students

The Field
Twitter Exit Ticket (iPaddiction)
Google Drawing Resources - Blendspace (Natalie Janiszewski)
How to Use Google Drawings to Create Mind Maps (Free Tech for Teachers)
8 Creative Uses of Google Drawings You Shouldn't Ignore (MakeUseOf)
Integrating Google Draw into Writing (Cajon Valley Digital Academy)
Google Drawings for Schools (Eric Curtis)
Google Drawings with Primary Students (Rolland Chidiac @ ImagineEasy)
Unleash the Power of Google Drawings (Stephanie Sholtis @ Synergyse)
Using Google Draw to Create Manipulatives and Tasks (Inside the Classroom, Outside the Box!) 
Drawing (Teaching with Google Apps) 
Google Drawing: No Longer Drive's Ugly Stepchild (Diane Main) 
Beyond the Painting with #AugmentedReality (Katie Ann Wilson @ Diary of a Techie Chick) 
Drag & Drop with Google Slides and Draw (Mandi Tolen @ Infinitely Teaching) 
Adventures in Google Classroomland: Using Google Draw as an Assessment Tool (C.S. Stone @ Solve4Why)
Element Advertisement Project Using Google Draw (Middle School Science)
Down with the Sickness (Kaitlin Morgan @ Celebrating Failure in Rm 23)
The BL3: Get Into a Formative Rhythm (Kyle Wilson @ KWilsonEdTech) 
Connect 4 Google Docs Game (Melanie Lewis @ MCLewis63)
Creating Infographics with Google Draw (Dr. JJ Ayers)
Math and Reading Templates (TEI)
Google Drawing Templates (Teach Interactive)
The Power of Google Drawing with Templates (Kelly Fitzgerald @ EdTech Nut)
Science Poster Templates (Translational Research Institute Australia) 
Bilingual Picture Dictionary (European School Bergen)
Get Creative with Google Drawings (Susan Prabulos)
Graphic Organizers with Google Drawing (John Sowash @ The Electric Educator)
Made from Scratch: Google Drawing versus Thinglink (Kevin Zahner @ Instructional Fluency)
Using Google Tools to Explore the First Amendment (Annenberg Learner)
Teacher Builds Engagement in His Lessons with This Clever Trick (Keith Lovgren @ Education Optimization)
An Introduction to Google Drawings (Read Write Respond)
Fractions Manipulatives (Michelle Armstrong)
Google Drawing (Kiersten Baschnagel) 
Math and Google Drawing (Rae Fearing and Charlene Knowlton)
5 Google Drawing Ideas to Unleash Student Creativity (Matt Switzer @ Curriculum + Innovation)


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